Welcome to the Wiki training Video and Wiki Demo page!

This page is to provide you yet another way to learn or recap how many things can be done on a wiki.


Ready to put your flavor on things? Learn how here!

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How to upload an image

Spice, brighten and jazz up your page by adding an image!

How to use Recent Changes

Learn about one of most useful features for tracking activity on wikia

Top 5 Links

Use Templates

What they are, why you should care, how to use them, where are they? Music: Smartbomb by subatomicglue (CC-by-sa 2.5)

How to submit a video

Want to join the party? Learn how to create and submit your very own demo!

Become the star you were born to be.

So far, we've put together a few simple videos, but we need you to tell us what to do next. Please add your thoughts to the discussion page and let us know if you'd like to submit your own video! Feel free to improve on what we've done.

Here are a few guidelines:

  • It's best to keep "how to" videos to between 45 and 75 seconds (short and sweet)
  • If there's a human in your video...please have good lighting. Actually... if there's a horse in your video, good lighting would be a good idea.
  • Sound needs to be clear and hopefully without background noise. We're working on ours.
  • Screenshots should be clear at lower resolutions.
  • No profanity please.


Your video here[edit | edit source]

Its time for your big break! Add to this Help's video collection here.

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