Water purification plant serves three basic fuctions viz

1)To control the physical parameters of the water i.e. to raise the asthetic value of water. If you take water in transparent glass, then it should be so clear that at first sight you must wish to drink it. I.e. it should be crystal clear. 2) The second function is adjustment of the chemical parameters. PH is the most important chemical parameter which needs adjustment.

3)Third & most important function of any water purification plant is DISINFECTION. This is very important that water which treated for drinking purpose must be disinfected.

Now let us start with P.M.C. In all we have six Water purification plants under PMC. Viz 1) Parvati W.W.

2) Pune Cannt. W. W.

3) Holkar W.W.

4) Warje village W.W.

5) New Warje W.W.

6) ChiKhali W.W.

Crection of two new Water purification plants is in progress at Wadgaon & Cantt. W.W. Out of all these plants under PMC Parvati W.W. is of highest water purification capacity.


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