WARASGAON- Veer Baji Pasalkar Reservoir LOCATION: Velhe Taluka LENGTH: 780m HEIGHT: 63.4m STRUCTURE: Masonry STORAGE CAPACITY: 374 MM3 YEAR OF CONSTRUCTION: 1993 TEMGHAR LOCATION: Haveli Taluka Dam is under construction Process:- Steps or Unit processes involved in water purification at P.W.W. 1) Reception of the raw water 2) Pre chlorination 3) Flash mixing or coagulation 4) Flocculation 5) Clarification or Settling 6) Filtration 7) Disinfection

1)Reception of the raw water @ L-Chamber - L shaped chamber is the first recipient point for raw water at P.W.W. We have installed a close pipe line which comes directly from Khadkvasla Dam, & measures 10 ft. in diameter. This pipe line terminates in a chamber at PMC raw water pumping station which located adjacent to P.W.W. This pumping station is meant to pump raw water for purification, at Cantt. W.W. & Holkar W.W.From the same chamber where the close pipe line terminates we have taken five pipe lines which will be feeding pipe lines for P.W.W. Out of these five pipe lines four pipe lines measures 12000 mm in diameter & one measures 1535 mm in diameter. The four 1200 mm pipe lines are connected to the L- Shaped chamber & gate valves are fixed on these pipes at L chamber. The fifth line is connected to the one of the out let of L chamber & a butterfly valve is fixed to this pipe to control the flow of the water from pipe. The main function of L- chamber is to control the inflow of the raw water i.e. when we have enough stock of purified water we can curtail raw water supply from L chamber. And when we are shortfall of a supply we can raise it from L- chamber.

Before installation of close pipe line raw water used to travel through open baby canal before reaching to the P.W.W. Close pipe line is laid at the place of baby canal. (See a pict on Next page)

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