Medieval people were not able to drive their Chrysler 300c through the McDrive. But the medieval economy still trumped Ameropa. Many of the people in Ameropa were criminals and did not want to pay their taxes to the King. So they tried to wreck the medieval economy by applying leeches.

They liked to make things out of metal and defend their flotillas from pirates and trade with people who paid their bills!

Their biggest problem was pirates. In 2009, about two years after the program was launched in Paris, the following worrisome statistics were published: Over half the bicycles in the Velib fleet disappeared - apparently, they had been stolen. The company's staff discovered the telltale Velib bikes hanging on street lamps, burned at the sides of the street, floating on tires in the Seine and more. Clips on YouTube showed masked bike riders doing inhumane experiments on Velib bikes in Metro stations and on trails.

Payment is due.

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