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Imagine you are just planning to leave your home for office or some tour. You just checked Pune Traffic page of this wiki to know that road you was planning to go has traffic jam. Wow!!! Is it really possible?

Yes. Its possible if all of twitter users like us take part in to this initiative. We just have to keep tweeting about all happening in Pune on twitter and all related tweets will be shown on various pages of this Wiki. For example, if all of us twitter about traffic congestion we faced while traveling in Pune, it will be shown on Pune_Traffic page. You just have to include the keyword "#punetraffic" whenever you blog/comment/tweet about any traffic problem in Pune.

If you tweet about your ward it will be shown on Ward page of this Wiki. If you include the ward keyword (see table below) your tweets are published on the relevant ward office page. Here is link to various Wards of Pune

Besides traffic you can tweet about almost anything that you chat about. You can use tweets to appreciate good work, spread great ideas, alert about service closures, announce events, issues regarding various agencies, even express your vote! See the list of keywords that you can use while tweeting about Pune.

Let's come together and tweet about Pune and help each other....

If you are not tweeting already, register yourself on twitter. It's quick, free, simple and can even register to use your mobile phone to tweet too! The keywords (also called hashtags, or simply tags) are what you insert into your message or tweet related to Pune. These keywords help others find your message about Pune.

Twitter keywords to tweet for Pune
Keyword Context
#pune general tweets about Pune, can be combined with other keywords. For exampe: #pune#event CYG 2008
#punetraffic all traffic related tweets displayed at
#punetraffic #jam all jam related tweets displayed at
#aundh all tweets about aundh displayed at
#bibwewadi all tweets about bibwewadi displayed at
#bhavanipeth all tweets about bhavani peth displayed at
#baner OR #balewadi all tweets about baner and balewadi displayed at
#dhankawadi all tweets about dhankawadi displayed at
#hadapsar all tweets about hadapsar displayed at
#balajinagar all tweets about balajinagar displayed at
#karveroad all tweets about karveroad displayed at
#yerwada all tweets about yerawada displayed at
#punekar all tweets about people of Pune
#sos all tweets about emergencies
#closure all tweets about service closure
#bus all tweets about bus services
#carpool all tweets about carpooling. Advertise or request a ride in a carpool using this tag.
#edu all tweets about schools and colleges
#parking all tweets about parking
#trains all tweets about trains
#air all tweets about airlines
#weather all tweets about weather
#mood all tweets about the mood of the city
#event all tweets about events
#net all tweets about the internet
#power all tweets about electricity
#water all tweets about water
#waste all waste management and sanitation issues
#health all health related issues
#ped all pedestrian issues
#green all green issues
#it all tweets about Income Tax deadlines and issues
#st all tweets about service Tax deadlines and issues
#rto all Regional Transport Office (RTO) related issues
#police all police related issues
#mc all municipal issues
#elect all election related issues
#illegal all illegal activities and violations of norms
#good appreciations for all great activities
#plus vote in favor
#minus vote against

Don't forget you can combine keywords for greater relevance of your message. You can also tweet about a location from a map here. Here is a list of tweets with the tag #pune to show you how this works...

Tweet Updates: See what people are talking about Pune on Twitter

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