• Information technology (IT) and automobile companies whose senior officials have to travel abroad, have taken several precautionary measures including home quarantine for employees who have travelled abroad, recording of the travel history of employees as well as visitors, and carrying of medical kits while going abroad.
  • Fujitsu Consulting India Pvt Limited said that the company has suspended all travel to Europe and US for some time and at the end of this week, the situation will be reviewed.
  • The company has also asked their employees who want to come back to India from H1N1-affected countries, not to resume office immediately. The employees have been asked to stay at home and confirm with medical officers about their health and then submit a fitness certificate to the human resource department of the company.
  • Wipro is selectively advising employees who have returned from overseas to work from home for a few days. The decision is subject to the extent to which employees have been exposed to infection.
  • General Motors India has frequent flyers from US, China and Korea. There is no rescheduling of work but the company is checking the travel history of the visitors. They have also circulated informative content over H1N1 flu to the employees to create awareness. The company medical officers are also updating employees and officers about the flu.
  • Despite the checking facility at the airports, there are some cases where the flu-infected person was not traced. In such cases, there is confusion over whether to work with the visiting group or not, because nobody knows whether they are carriers of the virus.
  • Volkswagen (VW) India's Chakan plant is currently updating its employees about H1N1 flu with the help of information circulated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) everyday.
  • The company is also checking the travel history of the officers. A separate register of such travellers is being kept. The plant recently received chemical fogging treatment, which was done as a preventive measure.
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