Sir,We the people of pune facing great troble in trafic. why not we develop a water way transport? for the hole year the river is waste flowing.The banks of river is filled with huts.Boat service will complement the road trafic.River banks should be used for road transport

The 2nd thing is Why we blame the PMT for the inconvenience to people to go different places let the private vehicle to take them to their destination for the fare at the government's rate improve sixseater service. But stop cars carrying single person in side the city limits.Improve mini bus service.Decrease rate for the BRT service.Give conductors, and drivers exta money according to their efficyency in work at the end of the day.The district collector should give an order to all the people to take passengers according to their capacity and get proper fare. If we abserve on the road many vehicles going empty.why If it works we can gain efficency in petrol,and trafic problems.There is allways a drawback and risk in any work . But we should see the good things and not the bad Thank you..

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