Founded in 2007 by Anupam Saraph, Giki was inspired by the model of Wikipedia - the free, open-source encyclopedia to which anyone could contribute content.

Giki focuses on bringing together entire communities around governance of their regions and issues.

Giki is equally committed to inclusion and openness, inviting anyone to contribute information on issues they they understand well. Unlike Wikipedia, however, Giki invites users to have a point of view, and encourages people who are passionate about specific issues in areas involving the economy, development and environment to create the ultimate platform for governing these issues.

It is that very passion that has driven Giki's tremendous growth over the past years. We’ve gone from being a few issues and pages to well over 12,000 pages.

In 2010, we began roping NGO's and government agencies in India to target a 10 fold growth in the issues and a 50 fold rise in the communities in 2011 through a Giki community forum across the country.

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