Two proposals for Slum Rehabilitation in Pune were announced in early September 2008.


A leaflet distrbuted in Gultekdi refers to a Maharashtra Government decision of 11 April 2008, under the Slum Rehabilitation Authority to provide tenements of 360 sq ft. The leaflet addresses residents of 425/26 Sw Sow Minatai Thackeray Vasahat, Gultekdi and 427 Indiranagar, Gultekdi and asks for applications to be submitted to the Shiv Sena Jansampark Karyalaya at 425/26, Sw Sow Minatai Thackeray Vasahat, Gultekdi. As per the leaflet, the facilities to be provided include: parking, play area, shops, vyayamshala for young people, vyayamshala for women, modern hospital, library.

See Gultekdi leaflet


The leaflet distributed in Kasturba Vasahat, Aundh by Sumer Homes Pvt Ltd describes the materials proposed to be used and the specifications of the facilities. See Aundh leaflet page 1, page 2

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