Its time to actEdit

All of us are facing the brunt of ignorance today and are witnessing the poor state of affairs the city is operating under-but unfortunately thats all that we have been doing -witnessing and not doing! it is this witnessing that is today creating the numerous issues we are facing today and it now time that each one us move from being mere witnesses to doers

Here are some simple things that each one of us can do to make Pune a better place to beEdit

  • First and foremost each one us should learn to follow traffic rules. Traffic a menace each of us face and can resolve!
  • Save the green cover of Pune-It is this green cover that can save the city and is something that we can give the generations to come!
  • Save water - a resource which needs to be valued and is a necessity for our survival
  • Follow the rules- at every step- rules are for your own good!
  • Empathize with your fellow citizens - be a better citizens!
  • Question the system where necessary!
  • And of course fight injustice with all your will!

Simple things which can surely help you be a better citizen-so time we start following theseEdit

If each one us follow these little things in our daily lives the city most definitely will be a better place to live in - a city each one us dream of.

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