Sample Section 4 Application[edit | edit source]

Six simple questions fix responsibility of concerned official or employee who was supposed to do your work. experience in Maharashtr suggests that whenever anybody asks such questions under Section 6 of the RTI, instead of giving information, officials prefer to do his or her work.

  1. Daily progress made on my application/ complaint so far. I.e. when my application/complaint did reach which officer, for how long did it staythat officer and what was the action taken by her/him?
  2. Names and designations of the officials/employees who were supposed to take action on my application/ complaint and the officer who was supposed to take the final decision in the matter
  3. Copies of documents related to my application / complaint with all the file notings thereon
  4. How much is the time limit for disposal of applications/complaint of this type, going by your rules or citizens' charter of your department ?
  5. Copies of action initiated against official and/or employees for delaying action in the matter beyond the prescribed time limit as per your rules or citizens' charter. ( and if in maharashtra you can also ask what action has been taken on concerned employee for not following "delay in discharge of official duties act " )
  6. The number of similar applications received within seven days from the receipt of my application / complaint and their respective status .
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