Lot of road construction going on in Pune at a time. While constructing roads safety measures are not taking adequately. While constructing roads care should be taken for safety measure and environment protection. The following measures can be taken for proper road construction.

Planning[edit | edit source]

Proper planning should be made to complete the work in phased manner without effective safety of people and protecting environment. Also traffic is one important thing which should be controlled fro that their should be good mechanisim.

Sign board[edit | edit source]

  • Fluroscent sign board and other visual communication board should be used to alert people
  • Usage of mobile signal posts to streamline traffic
  • Cameras to capture License Plate numbers of vehicles violating the rules and fine mails/notices sent to registered addresses of the vehicles

Use of advanced equipment[edit | edit source]

Use of advanced equipment helps to construct roads properly.

Accident recording and corrective/preventive action[edit | edit source]

All accidents should be recorded and initiated for corrective and preventive action.

Contractors responsibility[edit | edit source]

Contractors should be made responsible for the accidents

Infrastructure not at the cost of people lives[edit | edit source]

Concerned authority should ensure that development should not be at the cost of people lives.

Contractors should be made responsible for unto do accidents during construction of road.

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