Rick Perry, Expression error: Unexpected < operator., was originally Lieutenant Governor to George W. Bush until Bush was elected President of the United States in 2000. Since then, he has been re-elected twice and holds records for both total and consecutive time and number of terms as Texas governor, and for consecutive time served as a U.S. governor.

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Rick Perry


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Controversies[edit | edit source]

Perry has made multiple controversial comments and actions which, some believe, he expected to profit from either monetarily or politically. These have been in support of the following:

  • HPV vaccinationW - Merck allegedly bribed Perry for this order. Perry received $6,000 in campaign contributions from Merck; Perry's former chief of staff is now Merck's lobbyist.[1] Perry later allowed a bill to remove the mandatory nature of his order.[2] Perry follows the pro-life Republican platform regarding abortion, so a mandatory STD vaccination seems out of place to some.
  • Trans-Texas CorridorW - This is a project which requires private lands from across the state to be confiscated via imminent domainW, a controversial topic in itself. The lands are to be granted to Cintra, a mega-corporation based in Spain, (and a smaller San Antonio partner) who will invest billions in the Corridor's construction, together with the government, for a total of $145.2 - 183.5 billion.[3] No limit is set on how much federal or state tax money will be used. Cintra will then collect tolls from the roads which they will also maintain.
  • Texas SecessionW - A few fringe groups in Texas claim that it remains an independent nation, or that it has the legal right to regain that status. Either Perry was trying to dishonestly appeal to these groups or he would lead Texas away from the Union under not-so-distant circumstances. As he did not specify the circumstances, no one can really call him out if he fails to follow through. On the flip side, no one can reasonably claim that even the most extreme circumstances could never drive them to secede. His vagueness thus strips the statement of all meaning, leaving only rhetoric - and this when the thought was not in mainstream discussion.
  • It's interesting how stories tend to resurface when politicians decided to run for president. Governor Rick Perry has been married for several years, but rumors about Rick Perry having a gay sexual relationship with his former Secretary of State, Geoff Connor continues to re-surface. No one has ever proven Perry and Conner had a gay relationship. Perry has denied these rumors. So far Cable news networks have refrained from asking Rick Perry if he is gay, but there are thousands of blogs that address these rumors. Recently a Ron Paul supporter published an ad in an Austin Newspaper encouraging anyone, who has had sex with Rick Perry, to share their story. The man claims Rick Perry has had gay relationships and sex with several strippers. Once again, as of today, August 20, 2011, these are rumors and not proven facts.
  • Perry's staff discussed vaccine on day Merck donated to campaign
  • Perry lets HPV bill go into law
  • Trans-Texas Corridor: FAQs. Texas Department of Transporation 2004. Retrieved on 2008-06-26.}}
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