Getting Trained

If you are new to wikis, do go through some of the links below to get yourself acquainted with some wiki basics.

Session Schedule[edit | edit source]

Introduction to Wikis (15 mins)

What is a wiki, why use a wiki
Pune Wiki main page
Purpose of the Pune Wiki and how it is your wiki anyway

Anatomy of a wiki page (30 mins)

- Name and url to find a page
- Article:organization, purposes, practices
- Categories: Pune, Government wiki existing categories (structure, purpose and performance and sub categories)
- Discussion or talk page
- History
- Watch
- Devnagri

User page (15 mins)

Wikis in Plain English
Typical contents
Registering/ Create a log in, Signing in
User Pages

Create and Edit a Page (30 mins)

Create a page - naming, outlines, contents, preview, saving
Editing a page
- Text: English and Devnagari
- Links (internal to other pages on the wiki, to external sites)
- Tables
- Images
- Google Maps
- Adding or modifying categories
- Reverting to an earlier version

The wiki style of writing (10 mins)

Respect for contributions
Inappropriate content
Using the talk pages

Make your own page or edit an existing one 20 mins

Wiki Training Events[edit | edit source]

You might also like to attend a free training event in Pune to get you started.

If you can get a group of your colleagues/ friends/ classmates together, you could ask for a training event which are arranged for by volunteers. Please email <> stating:

Contact phone number
Group size
Tentative Dates
Preferred Location

Training events took place through August and September 2008 at Seed Infotech Erandwane(See map) and Zensar, Kharadi (See map)

Participants 7 Sept, Sunday training event at Zensar

If you are a Corporate Group[edit | edit source]

If you can arrange a set of internet connected terminals and can make your premises available on a holiday or even a week day, and are interested in hosting a wiki training event, please email

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