NetImpact Pune[edit | edit source]

NetImpact is a International non profit organization established in 1993 and spread across more than 50 countries.

Net Impact’s mission is to make a positive impact on society by growing and strengthening a community of new leaders who use the power of business to make a positive net social, environmental, and economic impact.

NetImpact - Magnify Your Impact

NetImpact's network comprises of:

• CSR Leaders

• Social Entrepreneurs

• Environmental & Renewable Energy Experts

• Nonprofit Directors

• International Development Agents

• Socially-Responsible Investors

• Thought-Leaders for the Future of Business

• Select Undergraduate Students

NetImpact Pune Professional Chapter is a community of leaders and professionals in Pune who utilize their business skills and network to bring positive change in the Society.

Focus Areas

NetImpact Pune works for social areas such as:

  • Environment and Urban Planning
  • Education
  • Rural Development
  • Healthcare
  • Socially Responsible Communities


NetImpact Pune has won the 2nd position in the 'Rookie Chapter of the Year' category of the 'Chapter of the Year' Award held on Nov 13-15 2008 at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

NetImpact Collaborative Approach


NetImpact Pune collaborates and partners with social sector organizations and government agencies to help them achieve their mission of bringing positive social change.

Partners of NetImpact Pune

NetImpact Pune partners with many stakeholders such as:

  • Social Sector Organizations
  • Government Agencies
  • Corporate Houses
  • Academic Institutions

Services provided by NetImpact Pune

NetImpact Pune provides following services using the collective power of their experience and network:

  • Non Profit Consulting for Government and Social Sector Projects
  • Strategy Design and Execution for NGOs
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Events and Awareness Campaigns on Social Topics

Past Engagements

Hinjewadi Traffic Optimization (HTO) Project

NetImpact Pune is working towards addressing the traffic problems faced by professionals commuting to Hinjewadi, Pune

They partnered with Corporates, Government Agencies & NGOs in urban planning sector to arrive at a sustainable and effective soultion for the traffic problem.

A survey was launched across major companies in Hinjewadi to enable professionals to:

  • Provide feedback on the traffic problems and issues faced
  • Recommend Innovative solutions and ideas to address the traffic problem
  • Indicate preferences and choices for possible solutions to be implemented

A Final Report shall be submitted to the concerned Authorities to help them:

  • Understand the Traffic Commute Pattern of Professionals to Hinjewadi
  • Identify Traffic Issues faced by the Professional Community
  • Consider Innovative and popular solutions suggested by the Professional Community



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