Hi All Tree lovers/Carers I am a daily commuter from Kothrud to Hinjewadi using the NH4 stretch from Chandni Chowk to Wakad Flyover. As part of the Road widening program, hundreds of trees as chopped off along this stretch. I assume road widening is important on that stretch, but there should be some legal provisions for replanting those trees so that it will provide shade as the trees provided before the road widening project. Please help me to take this up to the concerned authorities, who will take appropriate action and stop the massive destruction of flora in this green area.

I will try to upload the recent photos on this website, post the tree cutting, so that you will understand and symphatize the gravity of the problem.

Unfortunately, I didn't snapped photos of the stretch before the road widening project, so that you would have apreeciated, how the trees provided cool shade along the road side. Regards Amol Lokhande

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