Remember what it is like when the sun is beating down on a hot summer day? Remember when you sat in the shade of a huge tamarind tree eating sweet tamarind?

Trees and You

Pune Tree Watch (PTW) attempts to bring people together who are concerned about the dwindling tree cover. Since its inception in July'05 PTW has saved thousands of trees from being felled. PTW works to prevent illegal tree felling, help develop policy on tree preservation, plantation etc and is also to enhance public awareness about trees in Pune. See also Pune Tree Watch

Plant More Trees

The Vasundhara_Swachchata_Abhiyan is a group of citizens in Baner, who have taken up the challenge of greening the Baner hillside. Part of the hill is included in the Biodiversity Park reservation created in the Draft Development Plan for the 23 villages merged into PMC, which has now been modified by the state government.

See also the website of the PMC Garden Department

Green Pune on the Web collects all kinds of media- print, audio, video related to environment and ecological issues in Pune. It covers what steps the government, corporates and individuals are taking to make the city a better place to live. In collaboration with Centre of Environmental Education, its has setup a board of advisory to answer environment related questions from the public. The public is also welcome to submit any articles or press releases which are concerned with the city's green efforts.

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