Kendrapara (OR) Lok Sabha Constituency

Kendrapara (OR) Lok Sabha Constituency (No:15), located in Orissa

Candidates for the current election[edit | edit source]

The list of Candidate's for the current election for Kendrapara (OR) Lok Sabha Constituency is given below.

Archana NayakBharatiya Janata Party
Biju Janata Dal
Baijayant PandaBiju Janata Dal
Jnandev BeuraBharatiya Janata Party
Lenin LenkaBahujan Samaj Party
Pratap Chandra JenaSamruddha Odisha
Pravakar NayakKalinga Sena
Ranjib Biswal
Sarat Chandra SwainIndependent
Srikanta Kumar JenaRashtriya Janata Dal

Past Members of the Lok Sabha Kendrapara (OR) Lok Sabha Constituency[edit | edit source]

The list of MP's from past election for Kendrapara (OR) Lok Sabha Constituency is given below.

 Member of/ContestingAffiliation
Archana Nayak14th Lok Sabha
15th Lok Sabha
Bharatiya Janata Party
Biju Janata Dal
Prabhat Kumar Samantaray13th Lok Sabha
12th Lok Sabha
Biju Janata Dal
Ranjib Biswal15th Lok Sabha
12th Lok Sabha
11th Lok Sabha
Sarat Kumar Deb8th Lok Sabha
Srikanta Kumar Jena15th Lok Sabha
11th Lok Sabha
9th Lok Sabha
10th Lok Sabha
Rashtriya Janata Dal
Surendra Mohanty5th Lok SabhaUtkal Congress
Surendranath Dwivedy2nd Lok Sabha
4th Lok Sabha
3rd Lok Sabha
Praja Socialist Party

Issues in Kendrapara (OR) Lok Sabha Constituency[edit | edit source]

Dear All,

I would like to raise some issues concerning the all-round development of Kendrapara. As we all know, we have a very small town starting from Sanamangala to Duhuria. Forget about other adjoining roads,the condition of the main road is pathetic. Though its now under construction, but the process is very slow. We have a very poor drainage system as well. You can say, there is no drainage system in Kendrapara. The only canal we have that's also not being maintained properly. I understand we the people of Kendrapara have to be proactive in complaining and taking part in cleaning the canal regularly say once a month. The only bus stand we have, the New Bus Stand....please have look at its condition. We don't have proper drinking water supply as well. My village is coming under the muncipal area, still we have not yet provided a single drinking water connection. I suggest there should be atleast one tube-well for every hundred people in a village.

Education system: It needs to be drastically improved. If you visit a single primary school, you can realise what would be the fate of the students in the coming future. Our students have to be more and more competitive in compare to the students of Bhubaneswar at least. For that more and more emphasis should be given on the kind of subjects being taught in our primary education system and seriousness of the teachers as well as students. I would say every school should be converted into an English medium school. As we all know how important is the value of English language when we move out of Orissa.

I would add more.....


Common Man.

Development Agenda for Kendrapara (OR) Lok Sabha Constituency[edit | edit source]

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