Dear friends,

Terrorism, discrimination based on reservation, injustice, corruption, crime, unemployment, poverty, pollution …… problems of India are multiplying every day, but there is nobody coming forward to offer a solution.

And we common Indians carry on our lives as usual hoping that something good will happen someday on its own.

Let us realize that nothing will change till we, the common people, wake up. To bring about this change, we need to clean the system by being a part of it and not as an outsider. Let us all rise to this occasion.

We admire A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, T. N. Shesan, Narayan Murthy, K. P. S. Gill, Kiran Bedi, Joginder Singh, Jay Prakash Narayan, Arvind Kejriwal, Anna Hazare, Aruna Roy, and Sundeep Pandey for their selfless contribution to the nation.

We have launched this political organization called JAGO PARTY to initiate this cleaning action and to say boldly that enough is enough. The party was registered with the Election Commission in January 2008. We request all well-meaning & concerned people to come together & join us in this initiative and make INDIA a very strong, safe and rich country.

We want to build up a new India, which would be free from crime, terrorism, injustice, corruption and reservations; an India where there is respect for creation of wealth; where private enterprise is promoted rather than restricted and where the government is a facilitator of fair business, rather than being an inefficient and corrupt agency for obstructing the growth.

Within 9 months, more than 2 lakh people have come forward to support the party.

Jago Party contested 26 seats in Rajasthan Assembly election, 2008. Out of 45 political parties contesting this election, Jago Party secured 3rd position in 2 constituencies, 4th position in 5 constituencies and 5th position in 10 constituencies. This is a remarkable achievement keeping in view the fact that Jago Party was ahead of several well known and very old parties like NCP, Shiv Sena, CPI, LJP, RVP etc in most of the constituencies.

We invite committed, educated and non-political citizens to contest election on Jago Party platform. If you wish to take the responsibility, join as an ACTIVE MEMBER online or mail to .

Remember: The smallest action is much better than the noblest intention !

Jai Hind!

Deepak Mittal (Founder President)

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