In Pune , the traffic is growing day by day. It was reported in dailies that everyday around 1000 vehicles are getting added into the flow . With availability of easy loans , everyone wants to have a car and two wheeler especially when the town bus / public transport is not good . It is becoming difficult day by day to go out . A time may come when even walking is not possible . Municipal corporation is trying its best to widen the roads but may not be possible to control .

We can practice as follows :

Vehicles with numbers ending 0 and 1 ----- shall be off from the roads on Mondays

Vehicles with numbers ending 2 and 3 ------- shall be off from the roads on Tuesday

Vehicles with numbers ending 4 and 5 ------- shall be off from the roads on Wednesday

Vehicles with numbers ending 6 and 7 ------- shall be off from the roads on Thursdays

Vehicles with numbers ending 8 and 9 -------- shall be off from the roads on Fridays

No restrictions on weekends like Saturdays and Sundays since the offices are closed and heavy traffic is not expected.

Also outer ring roads to be made . Also by pass roads to be made so that heavy vehicles passing through Pune need not enter the city .

With the above , we can bring down the vehicular traffic by 20 % as you see . If such vehicles are seen on the road , heavy fines to be levied which will be beneficial to maintain the roads in better conditions.


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