Pune's Heritage: Conserving it and Keeping it Alive!

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Pune Heritage Watch[edit | edit source]

Pune Heritage Watch is a google-group. Pune's fascinating heritage comprising Maratha and Colonial architecture has been overpowered by modern development. While modern architecture is a sign of economic prosperity, perhaps it is equally important that the charming old glory be retained, conserved and given its rightful space and place.

Pune was the first city in Maharashtra to implement the Urban Heritage Conservation Rules way back in the 1980s. However, it now lags behind in organised heritage conservation. A city which has been the citadel of the Peshwas because of which Maratha architecture is prominent here and the monsoon capital of the British because of which Gothic architecture can be seen in plenty, cannot be disconnected with the past.

Information and images pertaining to Pune heritage may be posted here.

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