Use Giki to create:[edit source]

Government wiki or Giki is a wiki meant to be used by governments and citizens alike. It is a platform to enable governments to seek dialog and participation as much as it is a platform to enable citizens to participate in governance.

New to wiki?[edit source]

For those of you who are new to wikis, wikis are websites that enable collaboration and community. Each article page on a wiki is an invitation to contribute and evolve a shared perspective on the ideas on the page. Comments and suggestions about the contents go onto a talk page associated with the article. The history page associated with the article gives you a history of the changes made to the article right from the time it was created.

This provides you with a fantastic opportunity to:

  • seed ideas on government
  • evolve ideas someone may have contributed
  • make suggestions on the ideas
  • connect different ideas and practices together
  • connect with people and form groups or communities

Get yourself familiarized with wiki in 10 minutes here.

Here are some article categories you could contribute to in Giki:[edit source]

  • Discuss the purpose of your government
    • What is the purpose of your government? What should it be? What should the purpose of its departments be?
    • What vision do you have for your government? What mission should it pursue?
    • Who is driving it? What is its history? What are its major events?

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