Information pages can also capture the practice of organizations. This information includes:

  • Budgets constitute the practice of allocating resources for the organization's mission. Pages that track budgets for an organization are tagged [[Category:Budget|Budget]].
  • Pages tracking an organization's collections of money or revenues are tagged with [[Category:Revenue|Revenue]].
  • Pages tracking an organization's spendings of money or expenditure statements are tagged with [[Category:Expenditure|Expenditure]].
  • Pages tracking an organization's levy of tax or collections of tax are tagged with [[Category:Tax|Tax]].
  • Pages listing or describing the functions of a government organization are tagged [[Category:Function|Function]].
  • Pages tracking a best-pactice in an organization are tagged [[Category:Best Practice|Best Practice]].
  • Pages documenting an organization's procedures are tagged [[Category:Procedure|Procedure]].
  • Pages documenting an organization's business process are tagged [[Category:Process|Proccess]].
  • An organization's projects can be listed, evaluated or commented on in pages tagged [[Category:Projects|Projects]].
  • Live opinion Polls on purpose or practice issues to help the organization get a sense of direction and empowerment are conducted on pages tagged as [[Category:Polls|Polls]].
  • Pages tagged [[Category:Challenges|Challenges Ahead]] are a great place to look for what the community feels are the challenges facing the government organization.
  • Pages tagged [[Category:Suggestions|Suggestions for addressing challenges]] have the community's wisdom on perspectives, processes and paths to address the challenges the organization is confroted with. Great space to help the government and community to work together and resolve the major issues they face together.
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