Giki pages on organizational information contain any of the following categories of information:

  • Kind of Organization: Organizations can be any of the following:
    • Government tagged by [[Category:Government|Government]]
    • Governmental Departments and Organizations tagged by [[Category:Governmental Organizations|Governmental Departments and Organizations]]
    • Public Sector undertakings [[Category:Public Sector|Public Sector]]
  • Organizational Structure which can contain:
    • Information on the Constitution of the organization tagged by [[Category:Constitution|Constitution]]
    • Information on the offices within the organization tagged by [[Category:Structure|Structure]]
  • Performance of the organization
    • Benchmarks that the organization reports tagged by [[Category:Benchmarks|Benchmarks]]
    • Indicators that are tracked by the community or the organization tagged by [[Category:Indicators|Indicators]]
    • Performance reports as published from time-to-time tagged by [[Category:Performance|Performance]]
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