We need to create a rapid shared Information System to contain H1N1 in Pune. An Information System can emerge rapidly only if we work together to quickly put together an action plan and share information to contain the disease and address the challenges together.

Here are the first list of links to put in one place what we can do together to keep the disease in control. Please edit and update to ensure that we address the challenges effectively. This is your information system for Pune.

Closure Notices[edit | edit source]

  1. School closures
  2. Public place closures

Helping yourself[edit | edit source]

As individuals we can do lots of things.

  1. First make sure you know what you can do to prevent the flu.
  2. How can you recognize the H1N1 flu?
  3. Where can you turn for public assistance for dealing with the flu.
  4. Are there any issues that need public reporting?
  5. Get your full body checkup done.

Hospital and Doctors Initiatives[edit | edit source]

Add here the initiatives launched by Pune's Doctors and Hospitals

  1. Indian Medical Association, Pune Advisories
  2. Doctors in Pune
  3. Private Hospitals in Pune
  4. Initiatives to develop vaccines by Pharma Companies
  5. Initiatives to sequence the H1N1 virus and Initiatives to map the spread of H1N1

Government Initiatives to Contain H1N1 spread[edit | edit source]

  1. List of government initiatives initiatives to contain the spread - please list them here.
  2. Provide tips to those traveling to Pune here
  3. List the helplines you have created in to deal with H1N1 in Pune here
  4. List the diagnostic centres in Pune equiped to deal with H1N1here
  5. List the hospitals in Pune equiped to deal with H1N1here
  6. Update the reported and confirmed cases of flu here
  7. Consolidate your requests for help from citizens, NGO's and other bodies here

Business Initiatives to Contain H1N1 spread[edit | edit source]

  1. H1N1 Policy of industry from Pune
  2. Travel Advisory to employees and visitors of Pune based companies who are returning from H1N1 countries.
  3. CSR initiatives of Pune industry to contain H1N1
  4. List of Institutions with families or friends who are returning from H1N1 countries

Unhelpful Initiatives and H1N1 Scams[edit | edit source]

  1. Pune Municipal Corporation Initiatives on H1N1
  2. Public funding and money spent on H1N1

Sources of Information[edit | edit source]

  1. International Information Systems on H1N1
  2. FluTracker Tracking the Progress of H1N1 Swine Flu virus. Tracking efforts by Dr. Henry Niman. As of July 28, 2009, it shows 526 cases reported in India with Pune appearing in the detailed map.
  3. Site for Swine Flu in India
  4. More information about it http://dettol.co.in/flu/swineFlu.html
  5. Pune Municipal Corporation's official Swine Flu Information Site

H1N1 Spread across Pune[edit | edit source]

Track today's spread on http://ciopune.in source:flutracker

H1N1 Spread across Pune on 25th August: 10 day to doubling will 30 th August make it 1,200?

H1N1 Spread across Pune on 20th August: 10 day to doubling will 30 th August make it 1,200?


H1N1 Spread across Pune on 11th August

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