Electoral Wards under GholeRoad Ward Office:[edit | edit source]

ward officer information[edit | edit source]

The ward officer of Ghole Road Ward Office is Vijay Landge

Vishram Ramji Ghole Road Ward Office

Established in the year

Total Area Approx 15 Sq.Km.

Total Staff

Floating Population

Fergusson College, Bhandarkar Institute

Today there is an emergency because of heavy rainfall.

Water released from these dams:

  • Mulshi 25000 cusec
  • Pavna 8000 cusec and
  • Khadakwasla Dam 10000 cusec

Alert message given by Main Flood Control Department.

All staff of Ghole Road Ward office are alerted to handle emergencies. We have also called ND squad members for our help.

Ward Officials[edit | edit source]

Contact details of Ward Office employees
Designation Name Department Contact No.
Ward Officer Vijay Dahibhate Ghole Road Ward Office 9823073645
Ward Medical Officer Dr. Rajendra Joshi Health 9689931352
Assistant Engineer Mr. Nimhan Civil Engineering 9689931332
Junior Engineer Mr. Kode Slum 9689931836
Junior Engineer Mr. Chimte Roads 9689931834
Junior Engineer Mr. Dhotre Drainage, Water Supply
Junior Engineer Mr. Bajbalkar Housing 9689931893
Junior Engineer Mr. Dharmadhikari Electricity / Street Lighting 9689931838
Divisional Sanitory Inspector Mr. Pote Health 9689931844
Sanitory Inspector Mr. Bhalerao Ward No. 24 and 31 9689931054
Sanitory Inspector Mr. Inamdar Ward No. 25, 26, 27 9689931055
Sanitory Inspector Mr. Chavan Ward No. 28 and 32 9689931842
Sanitory Inspector Mr. Vadhe Ward No. 29 and 30 9689931338
Anti-encroachment Inspector Mr. Khude Anti-encroachment 9923180607
Inspector Mr. Ladkat Licensing 9823300097
Inspector Mr. Shelke Pest Control 9923595691

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