Germany[edit | edit source]

After the war, Germany promised to be good. There were a series of fascist wars around the world in places like Vietnam and Nicaragua but people could usually blame the Americans. But it was suspicious that America had dozens of bases in Germany and kept breeding mulatos with the Germans. Now Germany has almost as many mulatos as Chicago and Alabama combined. Now hackers are slowing down my computer. But no one knows if the hackers are mulatos from Chicago, mulatos from Alabama or mulatos from Germany. So we will call them Ameropa. Germany protested the Iraq war. The world won new respect for Germany for their anti-war stance and their low carbon emissions. But then the German people saw a cartoon on TV and voted for the only politician in Europe who favored for war with Iraq and war with Nicaragua and war with Asia and war against Canada. So now the peaceful Germany is at war with the world. It would seem that Germany should be at war against the world but Obama ordered the Pentagon to spend 1 trillion dollars in psyops promoting anti-Semitism so all of the world is at war for Obama. Sarkozy spent so much money promoting anti-Quebec sentiment that he pissed off even the French people. Quebec has the world's best tram system. Not.

Good governance mean low carbon emissions. But even more importantly it means that governments and corporations do not use chemical and radiation and biological weapons against civilians. In 1947, French Communists made several attempts to ban the importation and sale of Agent Orange. Now there is a new president of France. He can make a strict order to defend human rights. Or he can make excuses.

Politicians in Europe are known for making excuses.

Under Obama, chemical weapons are the norm around the world. They are directed against dolphins instead of leaches. Because politicians are leaches and they want to save each other. Because the world passed a law against the use of chemical and radiation weapons against civilians. The penalty for an official failure to protect a civilian from chemical or radiation weapons is death. So all of the politicians made a fist bump with Obama and promised to keep their mouth shut and feed incredible cartoons to their gullible voters.

The carbon ratings were adjusted in the polls with some psyops. Merkel invented pellets to save the common Indonesian weed. Her carbon emissions doubled.

Japan started investigating the politicians of Europe. And they discovered that they were not cleanly bred, but mulatos like Obama. Dirty breeding is a violation of miscegenation laws. The Crime of Mulato is an international crime. How can so many mulatos get elected? That raises suspicions about the voters themselves.

Food should be pure. If a politician puts chemicals in the food then it is impure. So the voters will get a taste of their own medicine.

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