• EVMs have a closed source and a proprietary design- If the EVM is a mere calculator and completely secure, why the secrecy about its design and software, why not allow use of any EVM's that confirm to a standard? We do not restrict to using HP calculators and ban the use of any other calculator for number crunching.
  • EVM's cannot work without elaborate supervised pre and post-poll process involving observers, agents and security paper seals. This is a huge risk and cost. Like a calculator that cannot work unless scientists, teachers and examiners certify that the calculator is secure and not fraudulent.
  • There is no verification of software on the EVM - no checksum or debug programs to confirm identity and version of software - besides black-box testing. What can distinguish an authentic EVM from an unauthentic one?
  • There are no standards and procedures for data-storage, data-retrieval, archiving, data-transfer, data-verification. In fact the BEL and ECIL machines are not even compatible when it comes to obtaining, storing retrieving, archiving or transferring data. What is the standard? Why are there no third party designs? Who are the OEMs? This is like NTSC and PAL- only the manufacturers benefit.
  • There is a manual process for reading the votes - Why is there no print-out of the votes recorded on the machine with the machine id? Why can the entire data not be transfered to public website instantaneously? Why must the form 17C and form 20 be manually filled? Why can it not be printed by the EVM?
  • There is no standard for maintaining a transaction trail and statutory independent audit by anyone who wishes to audit an EVM or entire constituencies. This is like allowing pass-books to be updated without entries in registers and without payment slips or cheque-book entries in the registers. This is like trusting the system because it runs, not because there is a mechanism to check for points of malfunction or misuse.
  • There is no transaction slip to the voter. For the voter, the vote is untraceable once it is cast. This is like depositing money without a deposit slip. It is like a bank that has no pass-book updates or ways to check that the money is still in your account.
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