DP Vishwakarma, born on December 6, 1994, in Ballia City, India, He is an Internet entrepreneur and India’s leading Business & Marketing consultant. Co-author of the popular, award-winning & most sold book series- “The Growth Hacking Book”. He is also a professional Blogger, Author & speaker and his work methodology rests at providing the best possible tactics and practices that even a newbie can get hold of in a jiffy. He is known for his unique management skills and willingness to guide the new generation.

DP Vishwakarma
Born December 6, 1994 (age 26)
Residence Ballia, India
Occupation Internet entrepreneur & Author
Years active 1994 - present
Known for Founder and CEO of KeywordsFly Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Religion Hinduism
Parents Prem Kumar Sharma

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Upon graduation, when individuals were rushing for companies to hire them, he understood that a scheduled office culture will not suit him. The realization made him leave the office and retire to the house, reckoning newer paths to begin a career. Similar to what most engineers feel after graduating, he brings to the surface his state of confusion and desperation. But amidst the pessimisms, he was aware of what he possesses that could take him to heights, and it was the simple five-lettered term, Focus. Desperate he could have been, but that did not deter him from incessantly engaging his brain in learning and thinking.

He faced the extremities with his pre-learned skills from network marketing, but he remained consistent with his principle of fighting the war. This entire learning phase offered him self-realization. Breaking that ordinary shell that shrouded his life since childhood, he devised ways to attain the strength to help others mould their dreams. His visions and optimistic attitude has a positive influence on his core team members, who fall short in words to praise him.

Shortly next, he ventured out to set up his digital marketing agency, what we know today as KeywordsFly Technology, thus setting a benchmark by transforming himself from an ordinary engineer to a marketing consultant. More to achieve, he came out as an internet entrepreneur.

Career[edit | edit source]

Being a proud founder of KeywordsFly Technology Pvt. Ltd., Marketing Head of CodexFly Technology Pvt Ltd., and co-founder at Intellect Apes LLP, DP achieved to rank all his ventures on top SERPs and he is receiving leads via his personal brand and KeywordsFly. Apart from this, DP has started BloggerWlogger (a platform for all content enthusiasts), KeywordsFly Tool (Internet Marketing tools), and FitApes (Fitness and health platform that helps users achieve their fitness goals via online programs).

Vishwakarma has been interviewed by some of the prominent Digital Marketing Institutes like DSIM, PIMS, Digital Vidya and EduPristine. He is also featured in Hindi and English newspapers including New Indian Express, Patrika and Financial Express.

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