Cycling in Pune[edit | edit source]

Pune was once known as a city of cycles. Of late, just like most cities in India, cycling is on the decline. This is mainly due to rising wealth, greater availability of vehicles, both two-wheelers as well as cars, increasing commute distances as the city size grows, but especially because the city policies heavily favour the use of vehicles. Roads are designed without cyclist safety or convenience in mind, and growing vehicle numbers and speeds make it dangerous and difficult to cycle. Blue collar workers and school students remain the largest users of cycles in the city (both considered "captive users").

However growing concerns about local pollution and global warming as well as a better understanding of the adverse effects of motorization on the livability of the city has led many groups to conduct cycle rallies. This includes schools, colleges, IT companies, youth groups, environment clubs etc. So much so that almost every week one finds a cycle rally in Pune.

Cycle Rallies (regular)[edit | edit source] Group When Where Contact
1. Pune Cycle Pratishthan First Sunday of every month Starts from various locations Jugal Rathi jugalsrathiATgmailDOTcom
2. Deccan Gymkhana Second Sunday of every month Starts from the Deccan Gymkhana ground at 7:00 am Jugal Rathi jugalsrathiATgmailDOTcom
3. Rotary Cycle Group Dist 3131 Every Saturday of month Starts from Goodluck at 6:15 am Mandar Gadre

Upcoming Rallies[edit | edit source]

September 5th, 2010 (first Sunday Rally) will start at 8 am from M.G. Road and the route is:

Jain mandir chowk on M.G. Road (starting point) > Quarter gate > Alpana > Tarachand hospital > Somwar peth > Kamala Nehru hospital > Saat-todee police chowki > Surya hospital > Manapaa bhavan (end point)

Please arrive at M.G. Road at 7:45am.

Conducted Rallies[edit | edit source]

July 4th

11th Deccan Gymkhana - Paud Road - Chandni Chowk - Pashan - University

Cycle Rally Events[edit | edit source]

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