Pune generates close to 800 (?) tonnes of organic wet waste every day.

All across Pune, concerned citizens, entrepreneurs and estate managers have set up composting units in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional areas. However, a very large quantity of 'wet waste or organic waste' still reaches the land fill. This wet waste consists of:

  • kitchen waste sometimes segregated, but often mixed with recyclable and non-recyclable materials
  • kitchen waste from bulk generators like hotels, restaurants, canteens and refectories in institutional campuses, vegetable markets, small scale food processing units
  • substantial but un-quantified, seasonally varying quantities of garden waste

Subsidies and Support Mechanisms

  • The Eco-housing policy (see page 1 and page 2 of the Pune Municipal Corporation encourages wet waste processing as part of a package for new constructions offering a graded rebate in property tax see Ecohousing Policy criteria
  • Compost pits have been mandatory for post-2000 constructions and are part of the checks in the building completion certification process

Compost Technology and Service Providers

  • Bhawalkar Earthworm Research Institute
  • Mr Dharap
  • Inora

Compost Inputs

Inora and Praj Foundation are setting up satellite centres in different locations in Pune for providing technical support and compost inputs Project Coordinator: Prajakta Anantpure (Ph: 020-25382603 / 9373311412)

List of Satellite Centres

Name Phone Number Area
Kalpana Deshpande (020) 25362535 Mahatma society
M. D. Karmarkar (020) 25362357 Mahatma society
Anjali Lele (020) 25360075 Mahatma society
Anuradha Ganu (020) 25446213 Kothrud, Karve nagar
Neela Khare (020) 25469121 Kothrud, Karve nagar
Sudha Thite (020) 25460488 Kothrud, Karve nagar
Sumati Somayaji (020) 25391034 Dahanukar colony
Shubhangi Dandekar (020) 25390515 Dahanukar colony
Samidha Surdhi (020) 25388596 Dahanukar colony
Nayana Nargolkar 9370670478 Sinhgad road
Purnima Phadke (020)24351534 Sinhgad road
Aparna Nalavade (020)24250609 Sinhgad road
Madhumati Sathe (020) 25652933 Deccan
Pratibha Sardesai (020) 25654773 Deccan
Lalita Firodiya (020) 32303633 Model colony
Lata Rabde (020) 25651432 Model colony
Sheela Gokhale (020) 25535744 Model colony
Pramod Sansgiri 9960470834 Aundh
Kulkarni 9881396853 Aundh
Sushma Joshi (020) 24457951 Shanivar peth
Anjali Ranade (020) 24466267 Sadashiv peth
Mangal Mishra (020)24354972 Sadashiv peth
Sham Natu (020) 24371288 Dhankawadi
Seema Bang (020) 24240064 Bibwewadi
Usha Raut (020) 66208479 Bibwewadi

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