All Government Wiki articles must have one or more of the following categories:

  • Country [[Category:Country]]
  • State [[Category:State]]
  • Town/city [[Category:Town]]
  • Department/office [[Category:Department]]

Suitable categories may be found by:

  1. Browsing the category "tree" starting at a known category or at the top
  2. Using the same category as another article that is clearly in the same category
  3. Browsing one of the automatically-generated lists of categories (which have some differences, explained at Government Wiki:Category):
    1. Special:Categories
    2. The list of pages in the "category" namespace
  4. Copying the Wikipedia category names for the corresponding article

Government Wiki may reorganise, add, merge, or delete categories without prior notice, although there will generally be discussion on the Talk pages of affected categories. New categories, as applicable, may be updated on this site from time to time.

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