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Pune Giki is Pune's governance wiki. Simply put it is a website that you can edit. It is a place where you can contribute and collaborate to govern Pune. What does that mean?

Ever thought that you may like to express your ideas about Pune's administration, issues or project? Or create a vision for Pune? Maybe even reengineer the processes for obtaining certificates, licenses or permissions? Or those for making sure you have, justice, liberty, equality, fraternity promised by the constitution?

Ever wanted to track the persons in Pune's public life? Or even have polls on various issues in Pune? Did you want to help to preserve its heritage? Share, comment or even write reports on Pune's governance domains? Advertise and learn about events happening in Pune? Even have discussion forums on various issues about Pune's Governance?

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Do you want to comment on an existing page without disturbing it? Just click on the "Discussion" tab, add your text and signature and click save! Would you like to leave a comment to any of the contributors to the page? Just go to the contributors User Page and clicking on the Talk Tab; You can find out the contributors names on the History Tab.

If you need further help on using the wiki, please visit Help on using the wiki.

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