Spsinghbaghelbjp Spsinghbaghelbjp 15 June 2016

भाजपा की ओर से इनसे दमदार सीएम कंडिडेट UP Election 2017.

जन जन का नारा है अबकी बार यूपी में भाजपा सरकार  Vote for bjp - Join bjp 

करोड़ों चाहने वालो का मेला है... 

कौन कहता है एसपी सिंह बघेल अकेला है...

ना गुंडाराज ना भ्रष्टाचार - अबकी बार यूपी में ‪‎भाजपा सरकार 

Vote for bjp - Join bjp 

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Robin Patterson Robin Patterson 30 August 2014

Wikia unsure of SMW's future here

Wikia management decided last year not to allow any more Wikia sites to take up Semantic MediaWiki, because of apparently insoluble problems. As our expert staffer said, "SMW is tough to run on a wiki, it's almost impossible to run effectively on a farming platform like Wikia."

At that time staff remained "committed to keeping it active and useable on wikis that already had the tool". A recent staff posting may even cast doubt on its retention: could StructuredData replace it?

See w:c:smwtest:Wikia's current approach; and please feel free to comment on that page's talk page or that wiki's forum.

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Shadab214 Shadab214 18 April 2013


MANAV ABHIMAAN WELFARE TRUST is a trust for welfare and charitable activities. It is purely a Non-Government Social Service Regd. Organization (NGO) having a voluntary, non-partisan, non-profit, non political, non religious and non commercial character organization, from initial stages of its establishment; members of this society are working whole heartedly for the welfare of society by engaging themselves in various social services. MAWT is registered trust in India dedicated for social cause and legal aid. It was registered at MUMBAI from 14 Nov, 2011.

MANAV ABHIMAAN WELFARE TRUST is independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest, religion or any form of ethnocentric biases. It is concerned solely with the impartia…

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BanerAreaSabha BanerAreaSabha 30 March 2011

Resolutions No: Area-Sabha/Baner-Balewadi/2011/1 Dated: February 24th 2011

No: Area-Sabha/Baner-Balewadi/2011/1 Dated: February 24th 2011

  1. The Municipal Commissioner to immediately implement the resolutions of the Area Sabha (No: Area-Sabha/Baner-Balewadi/2010/1 Dated: August 28, 2010 and No: Area-Sabha/Baner-Balewadi/2010/2 Dated: September 18, 2010).
  2. The Municipal Commissioner to set up an Inquiry Committee constituted from Area Sabha and initiate action against the concerned officials/employees for not implementing the Area Sabha resolutions under the "delay in discharge of official duties act " and “dereliction of duty” and recover from these officials the public money wasted by them undertaking works to damage and destroy the Devnadi against public welfare and local ecology.
  3. The Municipal Commissioner to undertake…
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BanerAreaSabha BanerAreaSabha 30 March 2011

Resolutions No: Area-Sabha/Baner-Balewadi/2010/2 Dated: September 18, 2010

No: Area-Sabha/Baner-Balewadi/2010/2 Dated: September 18, 2010

  1. The PMC engineers with Mr Kharwadkar and Mr Sapkal should undertake to prepare a GPS map of 10 meters on either side of the Devnadi along with the residents and the Area Sabha members on Saturdays and completed before October 15th. This should be made publicly viewable on the Area Sabha website by the PMC.
  2. Since the purpose of the PMC behind this project is to increase the carrying capacity of Devnadi, the river protection zone identified in the map should be freed from any encroachment on its carrying capacity before November 15th.
  3. The PMC should them undertake and report the results of a survey of the change in carrying capacity of Devnadi to the Area Sabha for consideration of t…
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BanerAreaSabha BanerAreaSabha 30 March 2011

Resolutions No: Area-Sabha/Baner-Balewadi/2010/1 Dated: August 28, 2010

No: Area-Sabha/Baner-Balewadi/2010/1 Dated: August 28, 2010

  1. The government should participate in peoples programs. There should be no channelization or concretization of any natural stream. Their natural form and function is to be maintained along with the flora and fauna along them. Over ten groups are working on streams and other water bodies in Pune. They should be not only be consulted but also involved in all interventions into water bodies in Pune. Under guidance of these groups the Budget of 200 crores for Pune’s streams, starting with Devnadi, should be used to:
    1. Build stone check dams/green bridges with gabling (no concrete) at 100 m distances along the streams to implement “stop the water, increase percolation of water” program.
    2. Build…
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Mukesh sheoran Mukesh sheoran 23 March 2011

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AnupamSaraph AnupamSaraph 27 January 2011

Creating a River Act

Dr Rajendra Singh has repeatedly pointed out to few of us working with him that India does not have a River Act. Rivers, streams and lakes are the vital link in the water cycle that ensure that life as we know it can continue to flourish on earth. Unfortunately, as Dr Rajendra Singh points out, there is no river in India that has been spared from encroachment and pollution. The massive Ganga Action Plan has failed to clean the Ganges.

A few of us have been brainstorming what the River Act may look like. We thought why not experiment with widening the dialogue and have created pages here to contribute ideas to the Draft River Act. To help you contribute and set you thinking about it, we've put together a few sections that may exist in such a…

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Hab sh Hab sh 14 August 2009

Swine Flu H1N1

Swine Flu H1N1-Why corporate companies are still open? Why only collges and schools are closed?

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