If you are passionate about specific issues in areas involving the economy, development and environment participate on Giki to create the ultimate platform for governing these issues - both for your region as well as for the world. People and organizations that are passionate about good-governance and understand many of the issues that need governance in a community have driven Giki's tremendous growth over the past years.

You are invited to be a part of bringing together the right practice for your community through Giki.

Giki's process is simple -

  1. start a page describing the issue that you are passionate about
  2. invite others to participate, publisize the page in your community and amongst all stakeholders in the issue
  3. visit your page often and add to the emerging "consensus" or debate the issues on the talk pages

Giki's principles are simple. Here is a sample -

  1. be inclusive - everyone is welcome
  2. be respectful - respect diverse perspectives and seek to find common ground
  3. work with a positive approach to create winning ideas and practices for the community

Giki is about governance - contribute your wisdom about what are the key issues for your community or the world, contribute your ideas on the right practices to address them and above all contribute your skills to making them happen to create a winning community and a winning world.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.