Projects[edit | edit source]

  1. Road work has been under construction since March 2008. It now costs more than the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and is yet not complete!
  2. uneven surface (even of newly constructed parts) and absence of continous and consistent lanes make it necessary to zig-zag along the road - the most dangerous driving experience
  3. No pavements on most of the road- pedestrians need to really manuver their way
  4. Stone paved "cycle-tracks have lost level and have broken manholes at short distances
  5. Absence of consistent road dividers makes it a nightmare for drivers
  6. There are no trees planted by the PMC on this road - either in the middle as divider or on either side
  7. Exposed wires, cables and pipes throughout the stretch make other utility services breakdown often
  8. Other unnecesary projects undertaken by PMC along the road
  9. No garden and open spaces created in plots earmarked on the DP for the same

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