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Glossary of Planning Terms

The Challenge

The challenge for Affordable Housing in Pune

estimated current requirement (from Shelter and Mashal data)
See List of Slum Locations in Pune
estimated future requirement

Current Options and Suggestions for these

Current options available for Affordable Housing
Through Slum Rehabilitation Authority
Locations where a sites and services approach may be feasible
To what extent are these expected to meet the different categories of demand they are meant for
Suggestions for modification of existing options to enhance their ability to meet demand and reduce adverse social and environmental impacts associated with them (if any)

Experiences of Affordable Housing Provision

Affordable housing provisions made in the recently created Delhi and Bangalore Master Plans
Affordable housing experience in other cities (London, New York, Central American and Asian cities) and how well these are working till date
See a slide show of four rehabilitation sites
All Skyscraper, No Sign Of Sky Article in the Times of India, 26 Sep 08 by Shirish B Patel states that Mumbai's future depends entirely on whether or not the World War II Rent Act is amended, and whether the belief in the mirage of free slum housing continues.

National Policy Advise

Recommendations in the National Housing and Habitat Policy
Recommendations in XI Plan document on Housing

Financing Options for Affordable Housing

List and compare the range of financing options that make housing ‘affordable’
Subsidy for land costs
Increased access to financing, etc.

From XI Plan Chapter 11 Urban Infrastructure, Housing, Basic Services and Poverty Alleviation (pg 412)

Financing of Housing Loans
• Most of the clients of Housing Finance Institutions/banks under retail home loans belong to MIG/HIG categories and housing loan finance still remains unaffordable in a large way to the EWS/LIG sections.
• Only 0.2% of housing loans extended by HFCs are of value less than Rs 50000 and about 7% of housing loans is of value between Rs 50000–100000.
• More than 73% of housing loans extended by HFCs is of value exceeding Rs 3 lakh and about 93% of value exceeding Rs 1 lakh
• The fastest growing housing value bracket is between Rs 10 lakh to Rs 25 lakh.
• This highlights the need to evolve a system or a scheme for financing housing loans on a large scale for the lower income groups whose affordability for housing loans falls in the range below Rs 3 lakh, as over 90% of the housing shortage is on account of EWS/LIG.

Affordable Housing in the Future

Given the future demand for affordable housing, what should be incorporated into the Pune Development Plan currently being evolved, towards
Principles for Affordable Housing
Development Control rules
Integration of affordable housing sites with transport network to work-places
Financial mechanisms
Systems to implement, monitor and review these

Health and Wellbeing as Indicators for Affordable Housing

A set of indicators to assess and review the progress of provision of affordable housing in Pune are being posited, including ‘health’ which is interpreted as wellness and quality of life and opportunities to contribute to society and not as absence of disease).


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