We have seen in past, many organisations starting from Goverment to NGOs, taking initiatives in making our Pune greener. Their approach was and is welcome to all the puneites. These institutions have two main instruments with them viz. manpower and finance. Logically there has to be no reason for these institutions to fall short in their goal, but apparently to everybody's surprise they all do ! The idea is not to play a blame game but suggest a finetune to the modus operandi of these organisations. We have a pool of ideas in the star city like pune where we all just need to have a rugged PLATFORM to exchange and implement them.

To initialise this if we toss some schemes like: 1. There is a municiple tax rebate scheme in existance. Why not discount the tax further by 5 % by assuring the tax payer plants and grows minimmum 1 tree ( at least 5 years old) per individual staying in reffered premises? 2. Schools and colleges can initiate some scholarship programms for students against plantation and growing of specific number of trees in the premises. We all know well that there has to be some offer behind every successful work done by any individual ! Can't we use this strategy here as well ?

There can literally be hundreds of such tiny ideas if we tap all the brains of our town......... It would be a constructive fun dudes !!!!!!!!! _________________________ Editor of article: Sudesh Kolte

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