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Mission Of ProjectEdit

To build a system which will be innovative and creative to help pune citizens and concern officials monitor, manage traffic in systematic manner.

The system will help pune citizens make life easy and smooth by giving traffic congestion information before hand.

Audience InvolvedEdit

  1. Pune Citizens
  2. RTO Officials

Officials to be InvolvedEdit

  1. Authorities from Traffic Control Branch , Pune
  2. Authorities from Police Department,Pune
  3. Development Engineer, Traffic Planning , Pune
  4. Authorities from PMPL, Pune

Agencies Involved In Traffic Management In PuneEdit

  1. Agencies from Related Departments.

Milestone which will be faced in completion of the projectEdit

  1. Scope of the system
  2. Find out Infomation Channels
  3. Ways to gather needed information
  4. Categorization of information for presentation
  5. Designing interfaces which will be used for communication
  6. Designing information fetching and presenting.

Need For The SystemEdit

  1. Traffic Management is manual today. There is no technology interface used to manage the traffic in the city.
  2. It is difficult to manage traffic manually.
  3. There is no before hand assistance on traffic congestion provided by the existing system.

Testing RSS extensionEdit

Testing TransportEdit

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